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Struggling with isolation this holiday season?

Here are some fun ideas and important resources.

Coping with Stress:

CDC has an amazing page with mental health resources. Everyone responds to stress differently and whether you are dealing with substance abuse, grief/loss, depression, difficulty sleeping, or anything else, check out this resource. 

Get immediate help in a crisis:

How to connect with friends / family?

Video chatting is of course the easiest way!

But what're some ideas to make it fun?

  • Do yoga together

  • Have a wine tasting

  • Cook the same dish together/ do at home "Chopped"

  • Start a book club

  • Watch movies together

    • Hulu has a "Watch Party" feature that synchronizes the movie for everyone! 

  • And my favorite! Play Games! 

    • You can play all sorts of games online! ​

    • Board Game Arena it's super cheap too, only one person needs a subscription ($5!) for all of their features.  

    • Dominion is a favorite, the base game is free and the subscriptions are $2.50 or $5 for more!

    • Tabletopia is also a great site with awesome games, they have a free option as well as a $5 and $10 subscription. 

    • Steam is a great place for video games AND boardgames.

    • Jackbox  is also hugely popular!

    • If you want any recommendations don't hesitate to ask! 

Stuck at home and need things to do with your housemates? 

  • Crafting

    • There is a Joann's fabric and a Michaels very close to the studio​

  • Decorate for the holidays

  • Play board games

    • Blue Highway Games in Queen Anne​ is my favorite shop, they have an amazing online store for curb pickup. And an amazing staff that can help you pick out the perfect game. 

    • Mox Boarding House in Ballard is also great. 

    • You can also get reviews and info about any boardgame from Board Game Geek before buying.

  • Or any of the recommended Video Chatting activities too!

Have ideas to add to this page?

Email me!

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